Cake Emulsifiers and Improvers

Product Range

PentaCake SR 6684

Pentaor Ltd.
Offices: 26 Yizhak Rabin St., Kiryat Tivon 3601201, Israel.
Plant: North Industrial Area, Zarzir 3657100, Israel.

White powder. Smell: no typical smell. Flavor: acidic, bitter, salty.

Cake improver in powdered form for sponge cakes, layer cakes and Swiss Rolls. Recommended usage: 1.5% of the total batter. 

Starch, mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids E472e, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids E475, sodium hydrogen carbonate E500ii, xanthane gum E415, monocalcium phosphate E341i, citric acid E330, disodium diphosphate E450i, palm oil.

1) Max. total phosphates in the PentaCake, expressed as P2O5: <30%.
2) Any recipe, advice or technological assistance related to the implementation of the PentaCake is given by Pentaor or its representatives as a gratuitous general advice for further trials to be done by the bakery. There is no guarantee for the shelf life period of the final cakes. It is the responsibility of the bakery to ensure the conformity of the products and the formulas to the laws, regulations and patents in force in the countries where they may be implemented.

Shelf life
18 months in closed original package, stored in proper conditions.

Dry, cool and light-protected conditions.

25 Kg cartons with inner polyethylene bags.