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Sliced Dense Cakes


Bowl A:


Beat 10 minutes:


Sugar - 21.5%

Liquid eggs - 25%


Add and beat 5 minutes:


Cold water - 4%

Potassium sorbate (dissolved) - 0.24%

Glycerin - 3.5%

Invert Sugar - 2%

Flour (all purpose) - 10%

Cornstarch - 3%

PentaCake SL 6196 - 2.2%

PentaCake Gel - 0.8%

Acetic acid - 0.13%

Salt - 0.4%

Flavorings - As required


Bowl B:


Beat 2 minutes:


Margarine (80% fat) - 12%

Flour (all purpose) - 10%


Add and beat 10 minutes:


Liquid oil - 5%



Gradually add the content of Bowl A to Bowl B and beat 3 minutes.


Target batter Specific Gravity: 0.60-0.70.

Baking temperature: 160°C. Bake until the moisture content of the final cake is below 20%.


In case of manual slicing of the cakes, the moisture content should be reduced even to 18% and the acetic acid ratio should be increased to 0.17%.

For chocolate flavor version: add about 2%-3% dark cocoa powder (% of total batch) and reduce the flour content accordingly; increase the acetic acid ratio by at least 0.07% (% of total batch). For butter cake version, the margarine might be replaced by butter.


The potassium sorbate level is subjected to the local regulations related to the usage of sorbates in fine bakery wares. The PentaCake Gel level is subjected to the local regulations (if any) related to the usage of propylene glycol as a solvent for emulsifiers.


Sliced Cakes
Sliced Cakes