Cake Emulsifiers and Improvers

PentaCake Cake Improvers

These multifunctional powdered improvers are mainly
composed from emulsifiers, stabilizers, leavening agents,
acidity regulators and carriers. They are produced in a
special process which binds the components together and
activates them. The result is advanced cakes with shelf
stability of several months, and multiple benefits for cake


Cake Improvers 






PentaCake Improvers provide long term retention of cake moisture, due to the combined action of the hydrocolloids. Indirectly, the enhanced microbial stability of the cakes enables reduced baking time, which results in enhanced moistness.




Using PentaCake Improvers results in softer cakes, due to the hydrocolloid balance. In addition, they also allow reduced flour content in the cake recipe, which improves softness even more.



Slice Stability

PentaCake Improvers provide enhanced stability of the cake slices, with minimum crumbling and disintegration, due to the unique stabilizers’ balance. The cake crumb binding is achieved without the common gumminess side effect.




By using PentaCake Improvers, cake manufacturers can expect higher cake volume, due to a unique combination of the controlled release leavening agents.



Microbial Stability

PentaCake Improvers facilitate enhanced resistance to mold growth and bacterial spoilage, without negative influence on the cake moistness, volume and taste. The improvers act in synergy
with the externally added sorbate and acetic acid.




The balanced stabilizers and emulsifiers combination in PentaCake Improvers provide the desired “mouth feel” and optimum “bite”, without doughy, sticky or gummy effects.



Cake Brightness

Cakes based on PentaCake Improvers have a brighter interior, without the common unaesthetic brownish color, due to the right combination of the leavening agents and the acidity regulators.



Production Process Standardization

PentaCake Improvers eliminate the variability between production batches, which used to occur due to
non-consistency of the flour quality, and fluctuations in the mixing and baking conditions.



Lower Manufacturing Costs

Using PentaCake Improvers minimizes costs by reducing the required amounts of expensive ingredients. The extended shelf life results in minimization of expired cakes, market rejections or returns,
as well as much less defected batches, which all together have a significant financial impact. The logistic benefit of using a smaller SKUs of minor ingredients further reduces production costs.








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