Cake Emulsifiers and Improvers

Technological Services

Mass-industrial long life cake manufacturing serves as a significant technological challenge.

However, besides the formula, the production procedure itself serves as a critical factor which determines the shape and appearance of the cakes, their organoleptic properties and first and foremost - the shelf life.

Thus, the key for successful long life cake manufacturing is the comprehensive calibration of the formulary and the production process parameters.

Usually, the basic formulas which are given by us do not require further significant amendments and modifications, besides the addition of supplementary ingredients (such as flavorings, food colors, chocolate chips, cocoa, fruits, fillings, etc.).

However, all of the production process parameters require adequate calibration, mainly in the case of continuous industrial cake production lines. For example: mixing times, mixing aeration, amount of sprayed greasing oil, temperatures of the different zones of the oven, balance between upper and lower heat, baking humidities (level of the chimneys), baking times, etc.

Besides the technological support that we provide for the PentaCake users, we also suggest full in-site support, for mass industrial customers. The said extended support is personally given to industrial bakeries by our cake expert, the food engineer Dr. Oren Ben-Israel. It includes the calibration of all of the production process parameters - mainly the mixing and the baking conditions, as well as adjustments in the cake formulas and development of tailor made products, if required. Further details are available at